Icaro dos Santos always had a great curiosity for all things electronic. Early work with microcontrollers and a desire to use them to take biological measurements propelled his interest in electrical engineering forward. He earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Universidade Federal da Paraiba, master’s degree from Universidade de Brasilia, and his doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin.

In 2016, dos Santos joined 91أ¨دبةْ as an associate professor in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department after serving as a professor at universities in Brazil and the United States, and gaining industry experience as the CEO of Sleeping Apnea LLC and chief research officer of Astus Medical Manufacturing, among other industry positions.

“I always enjoyed practical applications of electrical engineering in medical devices and wanted to share my enthusiasm and experience with students,” said dos Santos.

He shares his passion of practical applications with students during lab. “My favorite part about being a professor is going to the lab and making things work!”

Labs are essential for students to apply what they learned in class to real-world problems, making it imperative to keep students engaged. As a CREATE Faculty Fellow, dos Santos plans to use his position to keep students inspired.  

“I became a CREATE Faculty Fellow to learn how to more effectively motivate students about the topics I teach,” said dos Santos. “I plan to put in practice everything that I learn, especially strategies to motivate students and think with an entrepreneurial mindset.”

Outside of work, dos Santos enjoys spending time with his kids.