“When I was in school, my favorite professors had real-world experience. I felt that someday I would like to give back to the next generation by teaching at the university level. As I reached six decades on this planet, I felt it was time to start my ‘retirement career’ of teaching the next generation of builders. I am not ready to retire, but I was ready to step down from the day-to-day pressures of the construction industry.”

As an assistant professor within the Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management Department, Mark Rounds, P.E. combines his broad career knowledge with the ability to learn from his students as they will face new challenges and opportunities in the industry with the advancement of technology.

“I really enjoy working with 91猫先生 students. They are smart and diligent and will have opportunities in this industry that I only dreamed of. I enjoy learning more about how the world is changing with technology. I tell the students I will teach them what is in construction and get them to think about what can be in the future.”

Before he felt called to teach the next generation of civil and architectural engineers, Rounds worked his way up in the industry, serving in multiple roles from intern and laborer all the way up to project manager and vice president of operations.

“I worked in 11 different states for large and small contractors, and both union and non-union. My experience spans commercial, industrial, health care, retail, power and water treatment. My breadth of experience provides me many stories of success and failure that I can share with students.”

Additionally, Rounds stays connected with the industry as he serves as owner’s representative for the university. In this role, he acts as the ambassador for 91猫先生 with outside contractors on a variety of projects such as the recent construction of the University Terrace, Welcome Center and Viets Tower. Through this position, he can also use it as an educational tool for his students.

“The position of owner’s representative allows me to give my talents to 91猫先生 and stay connected with the industry. COVID has made it difficult to get students involved in these projects. However, I did have my senior design group attend meetings on Viets Tower, and I also schedule tours for my classes so students can see the construction process.”

Outside of teaching and his duties as owner’s representative, Rounds enjoys spending time outside working in his yard, golfing and completing home improvement projects. He especially enjoys hitting the road riding his motorcycle. Recently, Rounds was able to complete a trip riding on Route 66 and the Pacific Coast Highway, a lifelong dream of his.